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The African Queen

THE AFRICAN Queen, by Ralph Jones Che , is an exquisite 90x90cm acrylic-on-canvas painting with hard paper collage laid out in surrealist style. Ralph attempts to present the extraordinary beauty of Africa by exposing its inner core, the Heart of Africa – The African Queen. He portrays the African woman as a jewel, fresh and raw on the day she’s born and in her maiden years, with unlimited potential and expansive dreams and ambitions. He identifies three stages in life which energize, mold, define and embellish her as she goes through life’s vicissitudes, learning and growing into a more focused and wholesome individual. This process elevates her into the magnificence of her role in society as she leans on nature in a seamless relationship that provides the foundation of African Society. In this state, she’s refined but natural; sophisticated and yet simple; strong but tender; aggressive but patient and rolled up into the finest and most inviting gift any man could ever dream of.…