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Living the Equation

Personal Development expert, Jack Canfield, presents a simple, elegant and very powerful formula to describe life and it goes like this:

Event (E) + Reaction (R) = Outcome (O) i.e. E + R = O

The formula says the events in our lives plus our reactions to them largely determine the outcomes we experience. What matters in life is the outcome

we create in any given situation and that depends on our responses to events. Looking at the formula, it is clear that you need to be able to

manipulate the two elements on the left – the event and the reaction – in order to obtain the outcome you desire. However, you often can’t control the

events you encounter in life but you can control your reactions to them. Your reactions greatly influence your outcomes and you have full control over

how you react to any event. This means that we effectively have control over our outcomes and hence, over our lives.

Life is constructed from a stream of events unfolding before our eyes in time and space.…

The Paradox of Life

The Paradox of LifeSomeone once told me wherever there is good, evil is never far behind and vice versa.I must admit I did not pay too much attention to that statement and drifted off into my daily routines.It was not until some months later that the truth in that statement hit me like some inspiration from above.The more I thought about the statement the more profoundly its verity stood out.If you take a look at life in general, you’ll notice that every activity, event or phenomenon harbours within itself the seed of its very own opposite – the two always go hand-in-hand.Do something, and you instantly create the potential for its exact opposite.The two opposites are part of one and the same reality and one cannot exist without the other.This phenomenon is clearly stated in the following quotations:“For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.”Newton’s Third Law of Motion“Every excess causes a defect, every defect an excess, and all seem governed by the deep remedial for…